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Systems Science

Editors: Harold "Bud" Lawson (coordinator), Jon P. Wade and Wolfgang Hofkirchener

"Unity through diversity" is the title of the 2 volumes Festschrift for General System Theory co-founder Ludwig von Bertalanffy, edited by William Gray and Nicholas D. Rizzo in 1973, published post mortem by Gordon and Breach.

Unity-through-diversity is acknowledged to be the leitmotif of Ludwig von Bertalanffy's thinking.

It is the proper leitmotif of what Systems Science does - that is, exploring, through a diversity of disciplines, the behaviours and structures that underlie and underpin the unity of real-world systems whatsoever.

It is also the leitmotif for the contributions of the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (BCSSS) to the Systems series - that is, providing space for different perspectives while sharing a common goal in order to promote:

* systems sciences, cybernetics and sciences of complexity as the most promising approaches towards global challenges humanity is facing in the new millennium;
* transdisciplinarity and consilience throughout all scientific disciplines;
* the development of qualitative as well as quantitative methods, modeling and computer simulation used in natural systems sciences like systems biology, earth systems sciences, systems neuroscience, systems immunology, systems chemistry, physics of complex systems etc.;
* social-scientific, that is, socio-economic, political, cultural and historical applications of systems theory, including ecological and science-and-technology studies applications, as in the study of economic crises resolution, democracy-building, conflict transformation, provisions for climate change, participatory technology assessment etc.;
* systems philosophy;
* the discussion and comparison of different schools of systems thinking which are foundational for systems sciences;
* attempts to elaborate a metatheoretical framework that provides a united platform for diverse systems disciplines;
* critical reflections of the development of systems sciences and the systems movement, in particular, with regard to their social impact;
* revisiting the goals of General System Theory as set by Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Anatol Rapoport, Kenneth Boulding and others;
* monographs or volumes of collected contributions in systems sciences as well as reprints of seminal works.

The continuation of the Unity Through Diversity publications will be a part of the College Publications' Systems Series. The first three volumes were published independently as:

Volume 1
David Pouvreau (2009): The Dialectical Tragedy of the Concept of Wholeness. Ludwig von Bertalanffy's Biography Revisited. ISCE Publishing, Goodyear, Arizona, US

Volume 2
Rainer E. Zimmermann (2010): New Ethics Proved in Geometrical Order. Spinozist Reflexions on Evolutionary Systems. Emergent Publications, Goodyear, Arizona, US

Volume 3
Matjaz Mulej et al. (2013): Dialectical Systems Thinking and the Law of Requisite Holism concerning Innovation. Emergent Publications, Goodyear, Arizona, US

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