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Marked States

Series edited by Randolph Dible

Marked States, a series on form in the widest possible sense, provides a place for radically original thinking. The series title gets its meaning from the void-based formalism of Laws of Form (George Spencer-Brown, 1969) that establishes itself in the firmament of absolute nothingness called the unmarked state. The marked state is what stands in that radical foundation as it crosses from the unmarked state to the marked state through this first distinction. In Laws of Form, all form is the form of the first distinction.

Marked States, and the Journal, Distinction: Journal of Form, conceived in the context of the Laws of Form conference series (, offer new work in wide-ranging, transdisciplinary fields, including but not limited to pure mathematics, philosophy, computer science, cybernetics, consciousness studies, phenomenology, psychedelic science, poetry, performance art, theoretical physics, philosophical mysticism, speculative fiction, and other areas.

The editors of Marked States and of Distinction: Journal of Form intend to bring into the world a new and radical way of thinking. Contact Randolph Dible for more information (

Volume 1:

Toward Repurposing Mind
The Metaspheric Perspective

James Guy


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