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Studies in Logic


Non-commutative Algebras

Pseudo-BCK Algebras versus m-pseudo-BCK Algebras

Afrodita Iorgulescu

This monograph is devoted mainly to the author’s results in her research on non-commutative
algebras related to logic started on October 17, 2022, results never published.

It would not be written in so little time and with so many important results and examples without
the help of the computer program Prover9-Mace4, developed by William W. McCune (1953 – 2011).

There exist a frame-work of non-commutative algebras of logic, having in its `center' the pseudo-BCK algebra.

In this monograph, the author mainly has generalized to the non-commutative case the m-BCK algebra and its related algebras, as particular cases of unital magmas, thus creating a new frame-work of non-commutative algebras, having in its `center' the new m-pseudo-BCK algebra. The pseudo-MV algebras are particular cases of m-pseudo-BCK algebras, the groups belong to this new frame-work.

But, the goal of her research was to define and study the quantum-pseudo-MV algebra,
the non-commutative generalization of quantum-MV algebra. She was able to reach her goal only because she has discovered the `principle' that governs the non-commutative algebras, called `transposition' principle (`m-transposition' principle, for magmas).

She has also introduced and studied other non-commutative generalizations of quantum algebras:
the bounded involutive pseudo-lattices, the {bf pseudo-De Morgan algebras} and the ortho-pseudo-lattices.

The book has 18 chapters, divided into three parts: Part I (centered on pseudo-BCK algebras: Chapters 1 – 7), Part II (the core of the monograph, centered on m-pseudo-BCK algebras: Chapters 8 – 16) and Part III (`bridge' theorems: Chapters 17, 18).

July 2024


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