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Truth and Probability: Essays in Honour of Hugues Leblanc

Bryson Brown and François Lepage, eds


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We Will Show Them!

Essays in Honour of Dov Gabbay, Volume 1

S. Artemov, H. Barringer, A. d'Avila Garcez, Luis C. Lamb and J. Woods, eds

This book provides an invaluable overview of the reach of logic. It provides reference to some of the most important, well-established results in logic, while at the same time offering insight into the latest research issues in the area. It also has a balance of theory and practice, containing essays in the areas of modal logic, intuitionistic logic, logic and language, nonmonotonic logic and logic programming, temporal logic, logic and learning, combination of logics, practical reasoning, logic and artificial intelligence, abduction, theorem proving and goal-directed reasoning. It will be invaluable reading for researchers and graduate students in logic and computer science, and a fabulous source of inspiration for research students in search of a topic for a PhD in logic and theoretical computer science.


1-904987-11-7 (pb); 1-904987-25-7 (hb)

We Will Show Them!

Essays in Honour of Dov Gabbay, Volume 2

S. Artemov, H. Barringer, A. d'Avila Garcez, Luis C. Lamb and J. Woods, eds

This book provides an invaluable overview of the reach of logic. It provides reference to some of the most important, well-established results in logic, while at the same time offering insight into the latest research issues in the area. It also has a balance of theory and practice, containing essays in the areas of modal logic, intuitionistic logic, logic and language, nonmonotonic logic and logic programming, temporal logic, logic and learning, combination of logics, practical reasoning, logic and artificial intelligence, abduction, theorem proving and goal-directed reasoning. It will be invaluable reading for researchers and graduate students in logic and computer science, and a fabulous source of inspiration for research students in search of a topic for a PhD in logic and theoretical computer science.


1-904987-12-5 (pb); 1-904987-26-5 (hb)

The Way Through Science and Philosophy

Essays in Honour of Stig Andur Pedersen

H. B. Andersen, F. V. Christiansen, K. F. Jorgensen and V. F. Hendricks, eds

This collection of essays in honor of Professor Stig Andur Pedersen's 60th Birthday spans over a broad scope of topics, ranging from mathematical modelling over realism in philosophy o science to an analysis of apology after medical mistakes. The unusually broad range is a fair but still inadequate reflection of the work of Stig Andur Pedersen, a philosopher and scientist whose range of interests, abilities and production is itself unusually broad.



Approaching Truth

Essays in Honour of Ilkka Niiniluoto

Sami Pihlstrom, Panu Raatikainen and Matti Sintonen, eds

Ilkka Niiniluoto, a distinguished philosopher of science, has been a tireless spokesman for scientific realism and reason more generally. Trained in the tradition of the Finnish school of inductive logic he has refined the notion of truthlikeness (verisimilitude) to make the realist idea scientific progress mathematically exact. Niiniluoto´s main technical works are included in his books Is Science Progressive? (1984) and Truthlikeness (1987), but his most recent general defense of scientific realism culminated in his Critical Scientific Realism (1999). Niiniluoto is, since 1981, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Helsinki, and since 2003 the Rector of the University. He has for a long time been one of the most prominent public intellectuals in Finland. This Festschrift brings about a selection of philosophical essays on Niiniluoto´s philosophy by prominent member of the international community. The contributions are grouped around three themes. The first ones deal with philosophy of logic, the philosophy of language, and the philosophy of mathematics, and the second group consists of papers on induction, truthlikeness, and scientific progress. The third part collects essays on the history of logical empiricism, the ontology of social groups, and the dispute between theism and atheism. This book is a tribute to Ilkka Niiniluoto on his 60th birthday, and it also contains Niiniluoto's replies to comments, queries and criticisms.



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Linguistics, Computer Science and Language Processing

Festschrift for Franz Guenthner on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday

Gaston Gross and Klaus U.Schulz, editors

This festschrift in honour of Professor Franz Guenthner's sixtieth birthday, presented by some of his friends and colleagues, covers the whole area of automatic language processing, of which he is an eminent specialist. The topics covered range from the semantics of natural languages to predicate grammar, from local grammars to efficient finite-state techniques and from Internet search engines to the design of electronic dictionaries. They all bear tribute to Franz Guenthner's ambition to make computational linguistics a truly experimental science.

July 2008


Dialogues, Logics and Other Strange Things

Essays in Honour of Shahid Rahman

Cédric Dégremont, Laurent Keiff and Helge Rückert, eds

Non-classical views about important issues in logic and its philosophy are a distinctive trait of Shahid Rahman's work. This volume has been designed, on the occasion of his 50th birthday, as a gathering place for unconventional approaches, original ideas and attempts to question well-established standards. Some of the world top philosophers and logicians contributed to a brilliant collection of papers, some of which doubtlessly leave their mark on the work to come in logic and in philosophy of formal sciences.

Contributors are: Philippe Balbiani, Diderik Batens, Johan van Benthem, Giacomo Bonanno, Walter A. Carnielli, Newton C. A. Da Costa, Michel Crubellier, Francisco A. Doria, Dov M. Gabbay, Olivier Gasquet, Gerhard Heinzmann, Andreas Herzig, Jaakko Hintikka, Justine Jacot, Reinhard Kahle, Erik C. W. Krabbe, Décio Krause, Franck Lihoreau, Kuno Lorenz, Ilkka Niiniluoto, Graham Priest, Stephen Read, Manuel Rebuschi, Greg Restall, Gabriel Sandu, Gerhard Schurz, François Schwarzentruber, Yaroslav Shramko, Göran Sundholm, John Symons, Christian Thiel, Nicolas Troquard, Tero Tulenheimo, Jean Paul Van Bendegem, Daniel Vanderveken, Yde Venema, Heinrich Wansing, Jan Wolenski and John Woods.

20 October 2008


Logos and Language

Essays in Honour of Julius Moravcsik

Dagfinn Follesdal and John Woods, editors

This volume arises from a conference in December 2006 to honour Julius Moravcsik on the occasion of his formal retirement from the Stanford Philosophy Department. The programme was structured around the several areas of philosophical investigation in which the honoree has made highly regarded contributions, and most of the conference speakers were his former students. The scope of the volume reflects Julius Moravcsik's striking versatility, ranging from ancient Greek philosophy, contemporary philosophy of language to aesthetics and ethics.

December 2008


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Acts of Knowledge: History, Philosophy and Logic.

Essays Dedicated to Goran Sundholm

Giuseppe Primiero and Shahid Rahman, editors

The Editors’ vision for this volume is that it should be a selection of essays, contributed by the academics who have worked, studied, collaborated and disagreed with Göran Sundholm; engaging in debated issues and exploring untouched areas maybe only suggested or hinted at in Sundholm’s own work.

"Acts of Knowledge" characterizes the papers contained in this volume as bringing something scientifically valuable in their respective fields: all the papers present cutting-edge research in their own style, contributing to very lively debates occurring in the literature in logic, philosophical logic and history of logic. But it also hints at Göran’s constructivist background, which has been an influence or a challenge for many of the contributors.

"History, Philosophy and Logic" refers directly to Göran's broad interests into the various aspects of the Philosophy of Logic, Mathematics, and Language, their origins and development, especially with the focus on the Modern History of Logic and the philosophical implications thereof.

The readers will find scattered all along this volume pieces of -- and reflections on -- all these themes.

November 2009


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Witnessed Years

Essays in Honour of Petr Hajek

Petr Cintula, Zuzana Hanikova and Vitezslav Svejdar, editors

Readers of this volume are invited on a journey through a logician's life, as witnessed by his colleagues and friends. They will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the regions of set theory, arithmetic, data analysis, algebra, fuzzy logic and other topics that Petr Hájek has shared with the contributors. Each of the contributions is unique in its approach as well as its personal envoi, helping to create a full-blooded, vivid and genuine picture of the man who has been so emphatically influential to so many of us. Mature and fresh ideas blend in the texts which will, hopefully, make an interesting and enjoyable reading for Petr Hajek as well as for any keen logician.

December 2009


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Heuristics, Probability and Causality.

A Tribute to Judea Pearl

Rina Dechter, Hector Geffner and Joseph Y. Halpern, eds.

The field of Artificial Intelligence has changed a great deal since the 80s, and arguably no one has played a larger role in that change than Judea Pearl. Judea Pearl's work made probability the prevailing language of modern AI and, perhaps more significantly, it placed the elaboration of crisp and meaningful models, and of effective computational mechanisms, at the center of AI research. This book is a collection of articles in honor of Judea Pearl, written by close colleagues and former students. Its three main parts, heuristics, probabilistic reasoning, and causality, correspond to the titles of the three ground-breaking books authored by Judea, and are followed by a section of short reminiscences.

In this volume, leading authors look at the state of the art in the fields of heuristic, probabilistic, and causal reasoning in light of Judea's seminal contributors. The authors are Blai Bonet, Eric Hansen, Robert Holte, Jonathan Schaeffer, Ariel Felner, Richard Korf, Austin Parker, Dana Nau, V. S. Subrahmanian, Hector Geffner, Ira Pohl, Adnan Darwiche, Thomas Dean, Rina Dechter, Bozhena Bidyuk, Robert Matescu, Emma Rollon, Michael I. Jordan, Michael Kearns, Daphne Koller, Brian Milch, Stuart Russell, Azaria Paz, David Poole, Ingrid Zukerman, Carlos Brito, Philip Dawid, Felix Elwert, Christopher Winship, Michael Gelfond, Nelson Rushton, Moises Goldszmidt, Sander Greenland, Joseph Y. Halpern, Christopher Hitchcock, David Heckerman, Ross Shachter, Vladimir Lifschitz, Thomas Richardson, James Robins, Yoav Shoham, Peter Spirtes, Clark Glymour, Richard Scheines, Robert Tillman, Wolfgang Spohn, Jian Tian, Ilya Shpitser, Nils Nilsson, Edward T. Purcell, and David Spiegelhalter.

March 2010

978-1-904987-66-6 (hardback) 978-1-904987-65-9 (paperback)

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Dialectics, Dialogue and Argumentation.

An Examination of Douglas Walton's Theories of Reasoning

Chris Reed and Christopher W. Tindale, eds.

This festschrift is in honour of a leading philosopher of argumentation. His theories of argument structure, whilst rooted in Aristotelian philosophy, have been influential in computer science and artificial intelligence. His theories have a strong empirical side and cover much of how argument and debate is conducted. They examine how the process of exploring disagreement and reaching consensus can be structured, and how the 'nuts and bolts' of reasoning in communication are put together. His theories are increasingly finding application in computer science, where his approach to commitment based modelling of dialogue has influenced the design of protocols for software agents, and his work on argument structure is being used to guide the development of a new, world-wide argument web.

12 May 2010


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Proofs, Categories and Computations

Essays in Honor of Grigori Mints

Soloman Feferman and Wilfried Sieg, editors

Grigori Mints is one the most distinguished proof theorists of our time. He has contributed significantly not only to the subject in general but also to most of its applications. This collection of papers by a number of Mints' colleagues worldwide are both a personal tribute and a testimony to his breadth and importance by dealing with all areas in which Mints has worked: from proof-theoretical reductions through non-classical logics and category theory to automated theorem proving and proof mining, i.e., the extraction of mathematical information from formal proofs. The collection itself is significant for another reason: it bridges the two logical worlds in which Mints has worked, the world of the former Soviet Union and that of the West.

29 July 2010



Festschrift for Gerhard Heinzmann

Pierre Edouard Bour, Manuel Rebuschi, and Laurent Rollet, editors

This Festschrift is published on the occasion of Gerhard Heinzmann's 60th birthday. Its title "Construction" refers to Heinzmann's philosophical options (intuitionism, dialogical pragmaticism, constructivism), as well as to his exceptional involvement in the building of many scientific enterprises and new scientific intuitions. Sixty authors contributed to the volume, ad the gathered essays witness the various centers of interest and intellectual achievements of Heinzmann. They are organised in five sections: (1) Henri Poincare; (2) History and Philosophy of Mathematics; (3) History and Philosophy of Logic; (4) Pragmatism; and (5) Miscellaneous.

See inside

13 September 2010


Hues of Philosophy

Essays in Memory of Ruth Manor

Anat Biletzki, ed.

This volume, in memory of Ruth Manor, consists of articles presented at her memorial conference at Tel Aviv University. The articles, by colleagues and students, friends and family, represent the wide range of interest and expertise that Manor brought to her teaching and research - from formal logic to pragmatics, and from rhetoric to ethics. The collection includes articles by Jaakko Hintikka (on the sorites paradox), Arnon Avron (on logical connectives), Oron Shagrir (on supervenience), Eli Dresner (on holism and measurement), Eran Guter (on new media), Amnon Wolman (on music), Anat Matar (on the language or war), and Anat Biletzki (on living with paradoxes). Emblematic of Manor's huge panoply of philosophical themes, the diversity and variety of subjects covered also portray here analytical profundity and logical proficiency at always "seeing connections".

November 2010


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Knowing, Reasoning, and Acting

Essays in Honour of Hector J. Levesque

Gerhard Lakemeyer and Sheila A. McIlraith, eds

This collection of papers, published in honour of Hector J. Levesque on the occasion of his 60th birthday, addresses a number of core areas in the field of knowledge representation and reasoning. In a broad sense, the book is about knowledge and belief, tractable reasoning, and reasoning about action and change. More specifically, the book contains contributions to Description Logics, the expressiveness of knowledge representation languages, limited forms of inference, satisfiability (SAT), the logical foundations of BDI architectures, only-knowing, belief revision, planning, causation, the situation calculus, the action language Golog, and cognitive robotics.

July 2011


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Logic without Frontiers

Festschrift for Walter Alexandre Carnielli on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Jean-Yves Beziau and Marcelo Esteban Coniglio, eds

This volume is dedicated to a distinguished logician, Walter Alexandre Carnielli, celebrating his 60th birthday. The honoree's contributions to contemporary logic range from innovative tableaux techniques, to the development of the foundations and applications of paraconsistent logics, to the invention of creative semantical apparatus. In this book the reader will find brilliant contributions by prominent logicians and philosophers that discourse over a broad repertoire of topics related to the outstanding work of Walter Carnielli.

15 December 2011


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Insolubles and Consequences

Essays in Honour of Stephen Read

Catarina Dutilh Novaes and Ole Thomassen Hjortland, eds

Throughout his career, Stephen Read has been at the forefront of research in the history and philosophy of logic. Distinctive of his work is his effort both to bring ideas from the history of logic into contemporary debates, and to apply formal logic in his historical analyses. He has made decisive contributions to the study of medieval logic, paradoxes, proof-theoretic semantics, relevant logic, logical consequence, and many other topics. On the occasion of his retirement, friends and colleagues join forces to honor him with a collection of papers reflecting his wide range of interests. Topics covered are: modern treatments of medieval solutions to the Liar paradox, reflections on logical consequence, proof-theoretic semantics, logical pluralism, studies in the history of logic (Latin and Arabic medieval logic in particular), among others. The collection reflects both the breadth and the depth of Read's unique approach to the history and philosophy of logic, containing papers by prominent researchers in these areas. As a whole, it strives to live up to the quality of Stephen's own work.

11 October 2012


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From Quantification to Conversation

Festschrift for Robin Cooper on the occasion of his 65th birthday

Staffan Larsson and Lars Borin, eds.

This volume is dedicated to Robin Cooper on the occasion of his 65th birthday. The honoree's contributions to formal linguistics and language technology range from quantifier storage techniques and generalised quantifiers to the development of foundations and applications of a type-theoretical framework for formal semantics and pragmatics of natural language, with a focus on linguistic interaction in conversation. In this book the reader will find brilliant contributions of prominent linguists, computer scientists and philosophers which ranges over a broad repertoire of topics related to the outstanding work of Robin Cooper.

20 November 2012


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The Goals of Cognition

Essays in honour of Cristiano Castelfranchi

Fabio Paglieri, Luca Tummolini, Rino Falcone, and Maria Miceli, eds.

Cristiano Castelfranchi is one of the pioneers in the theory of goals and goal-directed behavior. His first seminal contributions date back to the 70s, and his work has provided invaluable insights on a variety of topics, such as the nature and functions of mental representations, the dynamics of belief and reasoning, the anatomy of emotions and motivations, power and dependence relationships, trust and delegation, communication, norms, organizations, institutions, and agent-based social simulation. Across all these areas, Castelfranchis approach has been systematically problem-oriented and markedly interdisciplinary, achieving worldwide prominence in such diverse domains as cognitive psychology, social science, Artificial Intelligence, and philosophy of mind. What gave consistency and order to his bold and broad theorizing of the human mind and society is the view that, as he puts it in this volume, goals are the true center of cognition.

This collection of essays to honor Castelfranchis outstanding career reflects both his wide interests and their unifying focus. Over sixty leading scholars in their respective fields offer comments, elaborations, extensions, and cogent criticisms of Castelfranchis ideas, exploring their implications and often uncovering unexpected connections with other theories. This collection is then completed by a survey of decades of research on the theory of goals, authored by Castelfranchi himself. Thus the volume provides not only a fitting homage to Cristiano Castelfranchi, but also an invaluable reference to anyone interested in goal-directed behavior, at both the individual and the social level.

13 December 2012


From Knowledge Representation to Argumentation in AI, Law and Policy Making

A Festschrift in Honour of Trevor Bench-Capon on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday

Katie Atkinson, Henry Prakken and Adam Wyner, eds

Trevor Bench-Capon is well recognised as an outstanding figure in Artificial Intelligence and Law, having published extensively over the long course of his career on legal knowledge representation, engineering methods for knowledge-based systems, theoretical and applied argumentation, case-based reasoning, policy-making, reasoning about evidence, and many other related topics. he has deeply influenced many of his colleagues, particularly with his earlier work on principled methods for legal knowledge-based systems, and later with the introduction of values in the study of argumentation.

This Festschrift is in honour of Bench-Capon's work and its seminal influence. The articles contained here by his colleagues extensively review comment on, and extend Bench-Capon's work. As a whole the volume is a substantive introduction to the main topics and issues to which Bench-Capon has contributed so much.

1 November 2013


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Foundational Adventures

Essays in Honour of Harvey M. Friedman

Neil Tennant, ed

This volume is a tribute by his peers, and by younger scholars of the next generation, to Harvey M. Friedman, perhaps the most profound foundationalist since Kurt Gdel. Friedman's researches, beginning precociously in his mid-teens, have fundamentally shaped our contemporary understanding of set theory, recursion theory, model theory, proof theory and metamathematics. His achievements in concept formation and theory formulation have also renewed the standard set by Gdel and Alfred Tarski for the general intellectual interest and importance of technical work in foundations. Friedman pioneered the now well-established and flourishing field of Reverse Mathematics, whose aim is to calibrate the intrinsic logico-mathematical consistency-strength of all the important theorems of mathematics. He has relentlessly pursued the full extent of the incompleteness phenomena into which Gdel provided the first revealing glimpse. The Gdel-Friedman program, as it is now deservingly called, seeks to find simple, natural and elegant mathematical statements of a combinatorial nature, that can be proved to be independent of set theory even when extended by powerful large-cardinal existence axioms.


Infinity, Computability and Metamathematics

Festschrift celebrating the 60th birthdays of Peter Koepke and Philip Welch

Stefan Geschke, Benedikt Loewe, and Philipp Schlicht, eds

In the year 2014, both Peter Koepke and Philip Welch are celebrating their 60th birthdays, and this festive occasion is celebrated with this Festschrift in their honour containing scientific contributions of their students, collaborators, colleagues and friends which cover the various different research ares of logic in which Peter and Philip are active.

See inside

17 April 2014


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Modestly radical or radically modest

Festschrift for Jean Paul van Bendegem on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Patrick Allo and Bart van Kerkhove, eds

Commenting on scientific and cultural developments through various media in his native region Flanders, Jean Paul Van Bendegem (b. 1953) has been a relatively well known philosopher for many years now. Although the entirety of his work is based on the very same humanistic principles, his
ventures in logic and in the philosophy of mathematics have received less attention in these public fora.

For this Festschrift at the age of sixty, some of Van Bendegems most important intellectual associates in these areas (colleagues and friends, often both), address topics that have been central to their intellectual exchanges with him. More often than not, these are connected in some way or another to Van Bendegems notoriously staunch finitism and focus on the human aspect of mathematics, the sciences, and indeed, even logic.

30 May 2014


Learning and Inferring

Festschrift for Alejandro C. Frery on the Occasion of his 55th Birthday

Bruno Lopes and Talita Perciano, eds

This volume is dedicated to Alejandro C. Frery, one of the most distinguished research scientists of today, on the occasion of his 55th birthday. It provides cutting-edge references on some of the most discussed research topics in probability, statistics, and image processing, surrounding some of Frery's research interests. Wireless sensor networks, clustering, regression models, simulation models, image processing and analysis, and data visualization are discussed by prominent researchers. This book is intended to celebrate Frery's birthday and to provide outstanding insights into the future of the discussed areas. The exceptional content presented can broadly help researchers and students in their career development.

5 March 2015


The Facts Matter. Essays on Logic and Cognition in Honour of Rineke Verbrugge

Sujata Ghosh and Jakub Szymanik, editors

This book is in celebration of Rineke Verbrugge's 50th birthday. It is a product of an incredible effort on the part of Rineke's teachers, colleagues, students and friends who have all been won over by her ever-encouraging and positive presence in academia and also in daily life. Pertaining to Rineke's research interests, the book features eight articles on a wide range of topics - from theories of arithmetic to a study on autism. The papers on hybrid logic, formal theories of belief, probability, goals, social networks, and bisimulations enrich the logic section of the book while papers on cognitive strategizing and social cognition bring up the cognitive perspective. The themes themselves provide a compelling perception of the vast expanse of Rineke's academic interests and endeavours. A series of personal comments, stories, anecdotes, and pictures constitute the latter part of the book, adding a distinct personal touch to this volume.

4 February 2015


Why is this a Proof?

Festschrift for Luiz Carlos Pereira

Edward Hermann Haeusler, Wagner de Campos Sanz and Bruno Lopes, eds.

This volume includes fifteen research papers to celebrate Luiz Carlos Pereira's 60th birthday. Among the authors contributing to the volume we find colleagues, friends - including his PhD advisor - and admirers. Similar to Luiz Carlos Pereira's intellectual interests and work, the contributions range from Philosophy to Mathematics, from Mathematics to Logic, and from Logic to Philosophy, passing through Computer Science. They are the result of current research by well-known scholars in these fields. Proof Theory is, maybe, the Ariadne's thread that unites the different subjects treated. Questions around the nature of proofs are often present in Luiz Carlos' formal and informal talks and publications. Of course, he was not the first to dedicate himself to these questions, but he always raises and deals with them enthusiastically. This enthusiasm, together with his intellectual perspicacity, has allowed us to enjoy a wonderful journey into the world of proofs. Although not all contributions focus directly on proof theory, we can feel its echos in all of them.

18 June 2015


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Conceptual Clarifications

Tributes to Patrick Suppes (1922-2014)

Jean-Yves Béziau, Décio Krause and Jonas R. Becker Arenhart, eds.

This is a volume containing papers honoring Patrick Suppes (1922-2014). All contributors have worked directly with Suppes or/and with his ideas. The book also contains one of the last papers by Suppes (co-authored by two of his collaborators).

The work of Suppes touches many different areas, ranging from meteorology to physics, through logic, mathematics, psychology, neuroscience, education, painting, but he was first of all and above all a philosopher, always questioning, but not in vain. There are not many philosophers who can be proud of having written influential math textbooks, contributed decisively to the philosophical foundations of science, helped to develop research in real labs, promoted new forms o education (computer-assisted learning and the EGPY – Education Program for Gifted Youth).

Since the range of interest of Suppes was very broad, so is the variety of topics dealt with in this volume. The work of a researcher is certainly not limited to his own writings, but also has to be appreciated through the work of the people he has been working with and influenced. From this point of view the work of Suppes is very impressive, and the present book contributes to show that.

This is a follow up of a special issue of the journal Synthese, New Directions in the Foundations of Science, edited by Béziau and Krause, after a meeting they organized with Suppes in Florianópolis (Brazil) in 2002 for his 80th birthday.

Jean-Yves Béziau worked with Suppes at Stanford University for two years (2000 and 2001) and has been continuously working in the Suppes tradition of logic, methodology and philosophy of science, which emphasizes structures and models.

Décio Krause has used Suppes’ approach to the axiomatization of scientific theories in many fields. With J.C.M. Magalhães, he presented a ``Suppes predicate” for genetics and natural selection and with S. French he developed a Suppes predicate for quantum field theories via Fock spaces.

1 October 2015


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Computational Models of Rationality

Essays dedicated to Gabriele Kern-Isberner on the occasion of her 60th birthday

Christoph Beierle, Gerhard Brewka and Matthias Thimm, eds

This book is a Festschrift dedicated to Gabriele Kern-Isberner on the occasion of her 60th birthday. It contains contributions by her students, colleagues, and friends. The articles, written by computer scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, and psychologists, address recent research in areas such as rationality and non-monotonic reasoning, problem solving and query answering, belief revision, uncertain reasoning and argumentation.

See inside

January 2016


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Liber Amicorum Alberti

A Tribute to Albert Visser

Jan van Eijck, Rosalie Iemhoff and Joost J. Joosten, eds

During his scientific life Albert Visser has contributed to a great variety of disciplines in logic, ranging from provability logics, interpretability, and formal arithmetic to philosophy, linguistics and formal language semantics. This Liber Amicorum is in honour of his long and distinguished career, and nicely bears tribe to the diversity of Albert Visser's interests. Filed with contributions from his colleagues, the book illustrates the important role thatAlbert Visser plays and has played as a logician in the Netherlands and abroad.

April 2016


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"Shut up," he explained.

Essays in Honour of Peter K. Schotch

Gillman Payette, ed.

Peter K. Schotch is Emeritus Munro Professor of Metaphysics at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He is co-founder of the Canadian School of paraconsistency known as perservationism, and has written papers in many areas of philosophical logic particularly many valued logic and epistemic & deontic logic.

This collection contains papers written by Peter's students and colleagues who have been associated with him during his forty-plus years of philosophical enquiry.

26 September 2016

From Semantics to Dialecotmetry

Fesschrift in honor of John Nerbonne

Martijn Wieling, Martin Kroon, Gertjan van Noord and Gosse Bouma, editors

John Nerbonne (1951) has been professor of Alfa-informatica at the University of Groningen since 1993. Before that, he was active at Hewlett Packard laboratories in Palo Alto, and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in Saarbrücken. John Nerbonne made numerous contributions to formal and computational linguistics, including computational morphology, syntax and semantics, and was both founder and face of the Groningen School of Dialectometry.

This volume inlcudes over forty scientific papers by a variety of distinguished scholars, colleagues, former colleagues and former PhD students to celebrate John Nerbonne's long, successful and productive career. The varied contributions in this book highlight the diversity of his research interests, as well as the important role he has played in shaping various research areas.

27 January 2017


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Logic and Computation

Essays in Honour of Amilcar Sernadas

Carlos Caleiro, Francisco Dionisio, Paula Gouveia, Paulo Mateus and Joao Rasga, eds

This volume celebrates Amílcar Sernadas' (1952--2017) highly significant and original scientific contributions, as well as his outstanding academic career. This compilation of articles by colleagues, former students and friends was prepared in the months that followed the Conference in Honour of Amílcar, which was held at the Instituto Superior Técnico in April 2016, to celebrate his 64th birthday.

See inside

5 July 2017


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Models: Concepts, Theory, Logic, Reasoning and Semantics

Essays Dedicated to Klaus-Dieter Schewe on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday

Atif Mashkoor, Qing Wang and Bernhard Thalheim, eds.

This book is a Festschrift dedicated to Klaus-Dieter Schewe on the occasion of his 60th birthday. It contains contributions by his students, colleagues, and friends. The articles, written by computer scientists, mathematicians, and logicians, address recent research trends in areas such as rigorous methods, databases, mathematical reasoning and conceptual modeling.

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29 March 2018


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Language, Evolution and Mind

Essays in Honour of Anne Reboul

Pierre Saint-Germier, editor

This volume gathers essays offered as a Festschrift to the French linguist, cognitive scientist and philosopher Anne Reboul. She has made throughout her career important contributions to many topics such as the pragmatics of fiction, the experimental study of implicatures, the relationship between language and cognition and the evolution of language.

This collection gathers contributions in linguistics, philosophy, cognitive science and biology from students, colleagues and friends. It covers her main themes of research and related ones. The diversity and scope of this volume reflects the diversity and scope of her contribution to the study of language, evolution and mind.

See inside

14 June 2018


Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, and their History

Essays in Honor of W. W. Tait

Erich H. Reck, ed

In a career that spans 60 years so far, W.W. Tait has made many highly influential contributions to logic, the philosophy of mathematics, and their history. The present collection of new essays – contributed by former students, colleagues, and friends – is a Festschrift, i.e., a celebration of his life and work. The essays address a variety of themes prominent in his work or related to it.

The collection starts with an introduction in which Tait’s contributions are sketched and put into context. The eleven essays that follow are arranged in three parts: Part I. Proof Theory and its History; Part II. Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics; and Part III. History of Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics. Each of the essays contributes substantially to one or several of these areas.

The authors included are: Steve Awodey, Solomon Feferman, Michael Friedman, Warren Goldfarb, Geoffrey Hellman, William Howard, Stephen Menn, Rebecca Morris, Charles Parsons, Erich Reck, Thomas Ricketts, and Wilfried Sieg.

The editor, Erich H. Reck is Professor of Philosophy at the University of California at Riverside.

16 November 2018


Argumentation-based Proofs of Endearment

Essays in Honor of Guillermo R. Simari on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday

Carlos I Chesnevar, Marcelo A. Falappa, Eduardo Ferme, Alejandro J. Garcia, Ana G. Maguitman, Diego C. Martinez, Maria Vanina Martinez, Ricardo O. Rodrigues and Gerado I. Simari, eds

This book is a Festschrift dedicated to Guillermo Ricardo Simari on the occasion of his 70th birthday. It contains contributions by his students, colleagues, and friends.

The articles, written by computer scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers address recent research in the area of knowledge representation and reasoning, in particular in topics such as argumentation, belief revision, and non-monotonic reasoning.

7 November 2018


Logic, Intelligence, and Artifices

Tributes to Tarcisio H. C. Pequeno

Jean-Yves Beziau, Francicleber Ferreira, Ana Teresa Martins, and Marcelo Pequeno, eds

This volume is a homage to the computer scientist and philosopher Tarcísio Haroldo Cavalcante Pequeno. Tarcísio dedicated his research to subjects ranging from logic to philosophy through artificial intelligence, theoretical computer science and language. His main contributions were in nonmonotonic and paraconsistent logics, especially the study of negation; algebaic approaches to the semantics of programming languages, applications of intuitions from game semantics to automatic theorem proving; tableaux methods for paraconsistent logics and the role of rule following and rule consciousness in cognition, motivated by his interest in philosophy and the problem of demarcation of rationality.

The contributions to this volume reflect the broad range of interests characteristic of Tarcísio's scientific interests. Topics include relations between logic and category theory, specifications of model checkers, philosophy of paraconsistent logics, epistemic logic, abstract argumentation semantics, natural language processing, foundations of mathematics, philosophical aspects of natural language processing, philosophy of logic and language, metaphysics, philosophy of science.

During the last forty years, Tarcísio oriented, inspired and collaborated with many researchers and established the field of logic as an active research area in Northeast Brazil. This book expresses the admiration of his colleagues and the recognition of his influence on their academic lives.

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31 December 2018


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Word Recognition, Morphology and Lexical REading

Essays in Honour of Cristina Burani

Simone Sulpizio, Laura Barca, Silvia Primativo and Lisa S. Arduino, eds

This volume represents a homage to Cristina Burani. She dedicated her research activity mainly to the cognitive processes underlying single word recognition and reading, by exploring both the morpho-lexical and the sublexical variables involved.

The contributions to this volume reflect the broad range of interests that have characterised Cristina’s scientific life. Cristina Burani is Research Director at the ISTC (Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies), CNR (National Research Council) in Rome. This volume arises from the scientific meeting held in June 2019 to honour her formal retirement. The program dealt with the main topics of Cristina Burani’s scientific career, central to Italian Psycholinguistics. During her career, Cristina oriented, inspired and collaborated with many researchers and established the field of Psycholinguistics as an active research area in Italy. This book expresses the admiration and the acknowledgment of her influence on Italian research.


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Natural Arguments

A Tribute to John Woods

Dov Gabbay, Lorenzo Magnani, Woosuk Park, and Ahti Veikko Pietarinen, eds

The present collection of essays honours John Woods on the occasion of his eightieth birthday from contributors who wish to pay homage to this remarkable researcher whom they see not only as a scholar of prodigious energy and insight, but as a friend, colleague, collaborator, or former teacher.

All of the essays touch upon topics Woods has taken a direct or indirect interest in, ranging from technical problems of mathematical logic and applications of formal methods through philosophical logic, philosophy of language, epistemology and history of ancient and modern logic.

The sections themselves of the book cover relevance, paradoxes, inconsistency, fallacies, abduction, fictions, logic naturalized, law, argumentation and narratives, and many other topics: and represent the main research areas which have profited from Woods' reflections.

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September 2019


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Kreisel's Interests

On the Foundations of Logic and Mathematics

Paul Weingartner and Hans-Peter Leeb, eds

The contributions to this volume are from participants of the international conference Kreisel's Interests -- On the Foundations of Logic and Mathematics, which took place from 13 to 14 August 2018 at the University of Salzburg in Salzburg, Austria. The contributions have been revised and partially extended. Among the contributors are Akihiro Kanamori, Göran Sundholm, Ulrich Kohlenbach, Charles Parsons, Daniel Isaacson, and Kenneth Derus. The contributions cover the discussions between Kreisel and Wittgenstein on philosophy of mathematics, Kreisel’s Dictum, proof theory, the discussions between Kreisel and Gödel on philosophy of mathematics, some biographical facts, and a collection of extracts from Kreisel’s letters.

20 April 2020


Abstract Consequence and Logics

Essays in Honor of Edelcio G. de Souza

Alexandre Costa-Leite, ed

Edelcio G. de Souza (University of São Paulo, Brazil) is a Brazilian logician and philosopher who has researches in the domains of abstract logic, non-classical systems, philosophy of science and the foundations of mathematics. This book is in his honor with the purpose of celebrating his 60th birthday. It contains some articles connected with the above topics and other subjects in logical investigations.

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5 November 2020


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Judgements and Truth

Essays in Honour of Jan Woleński

Andrew Schumann, editor

Jan Woleński is known due to his works on epistemological aspects of logic and his systematization of semantic truth theory.

He became the successor and the worthy continuer of prominent Polish logicians: Alfred Tarski and Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz. This volume is collected on the 80th anniversary of Woleński’s birth and draws together new research papers devoted to judgments and truth.

These papers take measure of the scope and impact of Woleński's views on truth conceptions, and present new contributions to the field of philosophy and logic.

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5 November 2020


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A Question is More Illuminating than an Answer

A Festschrift for Paulo A. S. Veloso

Edward Hermann Haeusler, Luis Carlos Pinheiro Dias Pereira and Jorge Petrucio Viana, eds

This volume is dedicated to the memory of Paulo A. S. Veloso (1944-2020), a distinguished Brazilian logician. Veloso's scientific contributions are disseminated in the most important areas related to logic: computer science, mathematics and philosophy. His main contributions are in the fields of automata theory, algebraic logic, formal specifications, modal logics, and diagrammatic reasoning. In addition to his intellectual depth and innovative ideas, Veloso was known for his kindness and generosity, both academic and personal, attested by the large number of collaborators and friends he cultivated throughout his career. It was high time some of these collaborators and friends worked together. The result is this book, which contains brilliant contributions in the various subjects directly related to Paulo Veloso's outstanding work.

15 February 2021


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